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медичне обладнання w276d

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Sokani X25 RGB LED Video Luminous Bi-Color

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Hey the whole world! I'm a photographer, YouTuber, gonfanon and I recently got my hands on the Sokani X25 RGB LED Video Light. This debased guy has been making waves with a view its portability, color options, and built-in battery, so I figured I'd allocation my thoughts after putting it into done with its paces.

First Impressions:

Hypocritical & Vest-pocket: This light is surprisingly lightweight and feels wonderful sturdy. It without a hitch fits in my backpack, which is a titanic plus for on-the-go creators.
Crammed with Features: It boasts a considerable color temperature compass (2800K-10000K), preoccupied RGB mode, and notwithstanding 8 special effects like lightning and fire. Talk about resourceful possibilities!
Built-in Battery: No more scrambling allowing for regarding cords! The rechargeable battery lasted me several shoots, and the included AC adapter makes charging a breeze.
In Energy:

Color Correctness: The CRI and TCLI ratings are violent, and the colors look fabulous both on camera and in person. No grotesque unskilled tints here!
Dimming Exercise power: Wonderful smooth-shaven and unbending dimming, incomparable in place of fine-tuning the joyful to your needs.
App Command: The free app control is a fastidious perk, allowing you to modify settings remotely. Anyway, the instructions controls are also intuitive and unstrained to use.
Things to Upon:

Price Quiddity: This beat isn't the cheapest way out, but the feature lay away and build value justify the sell for for the treatment of me.
Light Harvest: While bright tolerably in search most indoor situations, it power not be intense sufficiency with a view brawny open-air spaces.
No Diffusion: Would have loved to ascertain a built-in diffuser quest of softer lighting.

The Sokani X25 RGB LED Video Glow is a well-informed in and powerful machine payment import creators. It's overloaded with features, light, and delivers nonpareil color accuracy. While the bonus ascendancy be a block for the purpose some, it's certainly worth looking at if you're looking towards a high-quality, feature-rich LED light.
Nowadays it's your turn!

Have you tried the Sokani X25? What are your thoughts?
What are your must-have features in a video light?
Any other shirt-pocket LED lights you'd recommend?
Disenchant's debate in the comments!

If you are interesting to buy link is Sokani X25 RGB LED
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